Hannington Logs

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photograph of logs in wire stock fence
Hannington Logs logo which is a painting of a robin by Jane Milner-Barry

Naturally seasoned firewood from sustainably managed local woodlands. Delivered by the cubic metre.

At the moment the wood is mainly sweet chestnut (not horse chestnut!) with some silver birch. It burns very well with lots of heat. People with open fires should remember to keep a guard on the fire especially when they are not in the room as sweet chestnut can spit when it burns.

All our logs are about 9 or 10 inches long.

Unfortunately we will run out of seasoned logs before Christmas this year. Please order now if you want to be sure of getting logs for this winter

Our Prices
cubic metre of hardwood logs £92-00
FREE delivery £0.00
photo of leaf with forest floor behind